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Player Portal

Centralized hub for all stakeholders, providing an integrated platform for efficient communication, scheduling, calendar management, and document sharing.

Product Features

Unified Messaging

Centralized platform for seamless communication among players, coaches, staff, and families

Announcements & Alerts

Send and receive instant notifications with important updates, matchday information, and last-minute changes to all stakeholders

Profile Management

Enable players to update and maintain their personal profiles, including contact information, medical history, and performance stats

Performance Tracking

Allow players to view and track their performance metrics, training progress, and match statistics

Mobile Access

full functionality and ease of use across all devices, including smartphones and tablets with mobile Notifications

Email blasts

Distribute important information and updates through mass emails to players, staff, and families

Interactive Polls & Surveys

Conduct polls and surveys to gather opinions and feedback from players and other stakeholders

Integrated Calendar

Consolidate all events, practices, and matches in a single, easy-to-view calendar

Event Notifications

Automatic reminders and notifications for upcoming events, ensuring everyone is informed and prepared

Personalized Schedules

Allow players and coaches to access personalized schedules, tailored to their specific roles and activities

Calendar sign-ups

Enable stakeholders to sign up for events, practices, and sessions directly through the calendar

Event check-Ins

Track attendance and participation through event check-ins

Sync with Personal Calendars

Enable users to sync club events with their personal calendars for added convenience

Secure File Sharing

Upload and share documents such as match plans, training materials, and contracts securely

Access Permissions

Control document access based on roles, ensuring sensitive information is only available to authorized personnel

Form assignments and workflows

Assign forms and manage workflows for approvals, ensuring efficient and organized document handling


Utilize document templates for standardized and streamlined creation of frequently used documents


Facilitate the signing of important documents electronically for faster processing

Wellness Monitoring

Integrate wellness daily questionnaires and allow players to report on their physical and mental well-being regularly

Resource Library

Maintain a repository of training videos, tactical guides, and other educational resources for players and coaches

SSP Player Portal Key Users


Access personalized information, communicate with staff, manage appointments, and share documents

Team managers

Coordinate player-related activities, schedules, and communication within the portal

Coaching staff

Communicate with players, schedule appointments, share training plans, and track player progress

Sport staff

Access player data, communicate with players, and manage their schedules and appointments

Admin staff

Manage user access, permissions, and oversee the overall functionality of the player portal


Stay informed about player activities, schedules, and communicate with staff regarding player well-being and logistics