Complete Injury lifecycle Management: From diagnosis until RETURN-TO-PLAY


Save time and ensure an efficient and specialized care for player´s health with Soccer System Pro Medical.

Product Features

Wellness questionnaire

gather valuable insights into players’ overall daily health and wellness

Injury lifecycle management

Effectively capture, monitor, and manage injuries

Injury Classification Systems:

Utilize OSIICS, BAMIC, Prakash, and Pedret injury classification systems

Medical Data Registry

Record all data and interventions, storing them in your player profile

Player Availability Management

Generate reports for the coaching staff to manage player availability

Player health profile

Detailed health profiles for each player, including medical history, injury records, and physical assessments

Injury Reporting

Enhance the decision-making process with powerful injury reports

Rehab & Treatment Management

Streamline the injury tracking process, recording incidents, diagnosis, and treatment plans


Develop and implement structured return-to-play programs for injured players

Intervention calendar

Centralized overview of all what is being done at player, team and practitioner levels. Manage medical appointments, treatments, and rehabilitation sessions

Intervention reporting

Analysis of all interventions undertaken for the players. Tracking and reporting on key metrics such as the number of interventions, types of interventions, techniques applied, players and injuries treated, etc.

Nutrition and supplementation

Tailored strategies to match the player’s status and address injuries

Communication Portal

Notify players with automatic notifications for every new medical appointment. Receive notifications on interventions or any new events concerning your players

Material Management

Control and monitor all your material on loan to players and other clubs

Data security compliance

Comply with privacy standards to safeguard player information and maintain the highest standards of medical data security.

SSP Medical Key Users

Team Doctors

Diagnose injuries, manage medical records, and oversee treatment plans


Record all interventions and treatments administered to players

Rehabilitation coaches

Design and monitor recovery programs for injured players

Fitness coaches

Develop fitness plans and monitor player conditioning

Player care professionals

Ensure overall well-being and support player mental health

Coaching staff

Access health data to make informed decisions on player availability and performance