The essential framework for extracting the full potential of your players’ PERFORMANCE


Optimize your match-cycle dynamics, elevate training methodologies, combine performance data and mitigate injury risks – all while fostering a positive impact on the players condition and performance.

Product Features

Match Planning Center

Structured “Pre-Plan-Post” framework, from in-depth rival assessments before the match, to tactical configurations on game day, concluding with post-match performance reviews

Season Structuring

Simplify your season’s planning. Easily integrate your football vision into macro, meso, and microcycles, ensuring every training session aligns with your strategic goals

Periodization Programs

Design periodization programs to optimize player fitness and performance throughout the season, incorporating phases of pre-season conditioning, in-season maintenance, and off-season recovery

Test and Assessments

Conduct evaluations, including but not limited to strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, and various biochemical tests such as blood, saliva, and urine analyses as needed

Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Create strength and conditioning workouts tailored to soccer-specific movements and demands of the season

Endurance and Conditioning Sessions

Design endurance and conditioning sessions to enhance players’ aerobic and anaerobic capacities, focusing on high-intensity intervals, tempo runs, and match-specific fitness drills

Session planner

Select drills and conditioning sessions from your pre-designed drills library and adapt them based on the status of your players and the phase of the season

Monitoring and Tracking

Integrate seamlessly with any GPS, heart rate monitor, encoder, or external sensor, as well as third-party companies

Combine performance data

Consolidate all training, gym, physical testing and performance sessions and combine it with your medical data for a total assessment of the status of your players

Training Impact Measurement

Analyze sessions’ workload data on an individual basis, comparing each player’s data either to their positional thresholds or their in-game performance profiles

Injury prevention strategies

Implement strategies based on real-time performance data and address potential injury risks

Rehabilitation Programs

Develop rehabilitation programs for injured players, collaborating with medical staff to facilitate their recovery process

Wellness questionnaires

Create configurable forms to collect data before and after the sessions from your players about their physical and mental status

Activity Calendar

Centralized overview of all performance activities being done  at player, team and practitioner levels

Nutrition Tracking

Monitor players’ dietary intake and provide personalized nutritional guidance

Player Profiles & Reports

Track players requiring special attention and develop individualized sessions. Access actionable reports and performance analysis insights

Performance Benchmarking

Compare players’ performance metrics against industry standards and team goals

Progress Tracking

Monitor players’ development over time and identify areas for improvement through historical data analysis

Identify Early Talent

Identify extraordinary values in academy players by comparing their values with historical data, average data, etc…

SSP Performance Key Users

Athletic coaches

Develop and track training programs to enhance athletic performance

Fitness coaches

Create fitness plans and monitor player conditioning levels

Team doctors

Monitor player health and collaborate on performance-related medical decisions


Record treatments and track recovery progress to ensure optimal performance

Coaching staff

Use performance data to make strategic decisions and optimize player development

Sport Scientists

Analyze performance metrics to refine training and recovery strategies