Maximize you player’s full potential with the best all-in-one NUTRITIONAL management tool


Streamline nutritional planning, ressource allocation, and testing to optimize player health, player´s performance and overall well-being.

Product Features

Body Composition

Evaluation of lean mass and fat distribution to optimize ideal body composition.


Management and treatment of values obtained through analysis of salivary parameters to understand hydration status and players’ adaptation to proposed training by analyzing hormonal and immunological homeostasis through cortisol and IgA.


Management and treatment of key biomarkers to assess athletes’ health and recovery through blood tests. Obtaining a player classification based on results obtained through scientific algorithms.


Management and treatment of useful parameters to understand hydration and renal health, essential for athletic performance.

Internal Load

Evaluation of training load and its impact on players’ health and performance using algorithms that relate parameters obtained from GPS systems and internal biomarkers obtained from players through non-invasive saliva tests.

BIA (Bioimpedance)

Precise measurement of body composition to adjust nutritional and training strategies


Detailed assessment of body tissue distribution to optimize athletic performance using the somatocard and selecting formulas most adapted to each athlete

Customized Menus

Create balanced and energetic breakfast and lunch menus at the club with our database of +1,500 dishes.

AI Modules

Obtain the best menus through our AI modules to effectively adapt to the individual needs of each player. Select foods based on nutritional needs using AI to better balance the proposed offerings.

Personalized Diets

Provide specific guidelines for meals that players consume outside the club, ensuring adequate nutrition throughout the day.

Partners Communication Center

Establish communication channels with private chefs or collaborating restaurants

Strategic Supplementation

Manage recommendations for nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids to maximize training benefits and accelerate recovery.

SPD System Integration

Efficiently and economically manage by integrating an SPD system into your department. Establish communication systems with players regarding proposed supplements, and implement systems to monitor compliance with measures.

Periodization & Individualization

Implement supplementation periodization and individualization throughout the season. Design programs, and let the robot produce personalized programs in labeled bags that identify the player, the intake, and the proposed supplements.

Integrated Calendar

Efficient coordination of tasks and events with a comprehensive calendar, allowing optimal organization of department activities, players, and staff.

Comprehensive Intervention Registry

Detailed tracking of all interactions with players, including measurements, nutritional consultations, knowledge dissemination, and goal tracking.

Stock Management

Control and tracking of product and supplies inventory, ensuring efficient stock management and ensuring that necessary products are always available when needed.

Stock traceability

Integration with purchase orders and product receipts to ensure traceability within an anti-doping system.

Full Integration with other Systems

Ability to integrate with any other system or application used in day-to-day operations.

Advanced Data Analysis

Generation of detailed and customizable reports that offer a deep analysis of collected data, allowing for precise and efficient identification of trends, patterns, and improvement opportunities

SSP Nutritional Key Users


Customize player diets and track intake to optimize performance and recovery


Monitor players’ physical measurements and body composition to tailor nutritional plans

Head of Performance

Oversee the integration of nutritional guidance into training for peak physical condition

Sport Scientists

Analyze nutritional data to refine performance and recovery strategies

Team Doctors

Provide medical insights on players’ dietary requirements and collaborate on nutritional plans


Prepare meals tailored to player dietary needs and preferences to support optimal performance