Create and implement your distinctive SOCCER GUIDE across all your teams


Define your principles and methodologies and create a unified guide for your organization. Build and recognize talent with DNA that matches 100% with your unique identity.

Product Features

Squad Management

Manage the composition of all squads in the club, including player contracts, registrations and exclusions. Easily transfer players between different squads for training purposes


Create your own soccer guide, a blueprint for training and playing, and seamlessly apply it across all academy teams. Let it become your defining hallmark and legacy

Play principles

Define your attacking and defending principles with its sub principles backed by best practices for training and games.

Drills library

Create and categorize new drills based on principles, sub principles, specificity, number of players, etc. for easy access for all coaches

Goalkeeper-Specific Drills

Create and categorize drills for goalkeepers based on specific principles and focus areas

Cycle Planner

Plan your match-cycles using preset templates and share them with your team

Training Planner

Select drills from your library or create new ones, taking player availability into account

Match Preparation

Analyze opponent strategies, review match footage, and develop training plans aligned with your play principles

Goalkeeper sessions

Empower goalkeeper coaches to design tailored training sessions and drills focusing on specific aspects of goalkeeper development

Video Hub

Centralized storage for game footage and training sessions, facilitating video analysis for strategic improvements

Individual Development plans

Create personalized development plans for each player, setting short-term and long-term goals, tracking progress, and providing feedback

Medical data

Monitor and track player injuries, rehabilitation progress, and return-to-play status in collaboration with the medical staff

Performance data

Integrate performance analysis tools to assess player and team performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions

Partner club Hub

A collaborative space to share methodology materials with partner clubs and support them in player development.

Academy portal

Communication hub for coaches, players, staff and parents

Training Impact Analyzer

Dive into the essence of your training sessions with our advanced reporting module. Gain deep insights into the quality of content delivered, analyzed through multifaceted variables, ensuring training optimization

Player Management

Access player profiles containing personal information, performance metrics, injury history, and training data

Talent Pathway Tracker

Dive deep into each player’s performance post-training or match with our advanced evaluation modules. Capture essential growth metrics, guiding the trajectory of your future pro players’ career

Assistance Reports

Access powerful reports detailing player participation levels in both training sessions and matches

SSP Academy Key Users

Sport Director

Oversee academy operations and ensure alignment with club objectives

Head of Academy

Manage training programs and monitor the development of academy players

Head of Methodology

Develop and implement training methodologies across all academy teams

1st Team Coaching Staff

Create and adapt training sessions for the professional team, track, and evaluate their performance

Academy Coaches

Plan and conduct training sessions, and monitor player development of all ages

Goalkeeper Coaches

Design and manage specialized training programs for goalkeepers