Digitize your CLUB MANAGEMENT. streamline operations and maximize efficiency


Save time and resources by digitizing, integrating and automating key processes, from player and team management to financial operations.

Product Features

Squad Management

Establish your organization’s foundational data by creating squads, coaches, players, and workers

Squad Management

Manage the composition of the squads, including player contracts, registrations, and squad rotation strategies

Document Administration

Easily upload and manage all your contracts and agreements including bonus tracking

Fixture Management

Plan and organize match schedules, including league games, friendlies, and tournaments, with options for rescheduling and conflict resolution

Training Schedule

Provide a centralized platform for accessing and managing training schedules for all teams within the club

Contract Supervision

Keep track of contract validity dates and performance dates, and automatically notify the counterparty about upcoming contract reviews or renewals

Payment Management

Efficiently handle various types of payments such as trips, diets, clauses, rights, etc., in accordance with your agreements

Material Management

Utilize our comprehensive tool to track all materials in possession and on loan

Generate Lists

Create lists with any information within the system to meet internal needs or fulfill requirements from governing bodies like the FA or leagues

Club Portal

A rapid and transparent communication platform connecting the club, players, coaches, agents, and families

Integrated Calendar

Efficient coordination of tasks and events with a comprehensive calendar, allowing optimal organization of department activities, players, and staff

Controlled Access

Maintain strict access controls to safeguard sensitive information. Implement signature management with double opt-in for enhanced security

Organization Tracking

Monitor and evaluate the development of squads, coaches, players, and workers based on predefined metrics and KPIs

Financial Analysis

Conduct comprehensive financial analysis to assess budget utilization, revenue streams, and cost efficiency

Compliance Monitoring

Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies through ongoing evaluation and compliance checks

Stakeholder Feedback

Collect and analyze feedback from stakeholders (players, coaches, staff, etc.) to identify areas for improvement and address concerns effectively

SSP Performance Key Users

Management Staff

Establish the organization’s foundational data and oversee day-to-day operations

Sport Director

Access organizational data to make strategic decisions aligning with club objectives

Head of Academy

Manage academy-related data and operations to support player development

Team managers

Coordinate team-related activities and access relevant information for scheduling and logistics

Admin Staff

Handle administrative tasks and manage user access and permissions within the system

Financial Staff

Utilize financial data and reporting tools to manage budgets and expenses effectively