Sports Medical Staff

All the medical staff will be able to conduct rich content and interdisciplinary follow-up. 
They will be able to create their very own rehab treatments to be applied differently per each injury type and patient.
staff medical
All medical data from clinical notes, SOAP report, observations, any type of interventions, tests, scans, MRI and videos, whatever you feel is needed it will easily be stored in your player timeline graph. All this with three simple clicks, perfect for doctor coaches.
Check any previous intervention with our injury tracking software and put it into perspective to better understand why you did it.

The most visual and easy-to-use follow-ups in an interdisciplinary way.
Using rich multimedia content and always following UEFA standards.
Create and schedule your own rehab programs and balance preventive programs with sport science department.

Refer at any time to our advanced and instructive graphs to service all your internal and external clients.
Set your own dashboards and follow-up charts to make your daily reviews easier.
Discover your current reality of injuries with a simple click and spot patterns and trends you didn't know before.

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